Wine ‘Grog’ Nutmeg and Pepper

It’s definitely a ‘DO NOT DO AT HOME’ series. We’ve been being experimenting the whole afternoon, and this one is the champion while the previous version with chilli pepper stands the second. For this BLACK PEPPER VERSION we shall need black pepper and the whole thing shall be spicy. Inspired by the Original Grog Recipe from 1600s ages.

1 ) Pour a splash of water into a pan. Veery small amount only to help wine to boil better. As tiny amount as one hand can carry from the tap.

2 ) Add wine, twice of the amount of water in the pan already

3 ) Crush NUTMEG into.

Wine GROG experiment BLACK version with BLACK pepper
Wine Grog Cocktail

4 ) Add Black pepper (I add a lot but you follow your taste and pepper resistance)

5 ) Boil the blend. Let the liquid go off, but you take away the pan from fire periodically making then the round movements to let the edges of the pan be same temperature with the liquid.

6 ) Have a glass of wine (half full) ready. Why don’t we put all wine into boiling? Because alcohol evaporates on the lower point than water, we do not want to lose it.

7 ) Take off fire. Pour the rest into the boiling blend. I keep the final mix on fire a little bit, yet it is not mandatorily.

For the wine I use Malbec (Argentinian speccy, my fav).

SPICY !! Yeeeeh! Enjoy it. Good if catching cold.

Mon, 08/Mar/21