Scrambled Eggs

Ingredients, 2 servings

6 eggs

1/2 medium onion, sliced thinly

1 medium tomato, diced


2-3 tbsp oil


Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over high-medium heat. Add the onion and fry until lightly brown.

Add diced tomato. Cook for 7-10 min until desired thickness of the sauce.

Meanwhile, in a big bowl, broke all the eggs but DON’T whisk.

Salt the sauce. Reduce heat down to medium-low.

Pour  the eggs into the pan. Start stirring right away, mixing and lifting the eggs from the bottom of the pan.

When the eggs are almost cooked but slightly runny in some parts, in 1-2 min, remove them from the pan and serve.




Fri, 30/Aug/19