Salted Cucumber Snack in few hours

ready cucumbers for the salted cucumber snack (recipe)

Some countries consider salted cucumbers to be a perfect add up to a strong alcohol. For the best in the world salted cucumber we’d spend months of making, yet today we go for a cheap and easy life hack, and here is the quickest recipe of how to add salt to a cucumber.


We need an empty glass jar, take it bigger than all cucumbers; as after all cucumbers and grass and spices (if any) are in the jar, we will still need an empty space to make a good shake, and this we will repeat few times before the snack is ready.

We will cut cucumbers into chunks, and also prickle the sides with a fork or even a knife (this will allow more salt contact with the cucumber, apart from two already open sides of each chunk).

Shake well

Shake well few times before it’s ready. The minimal time for readiness it’s said in the original recipe – one hour, yet recommendable to hold it few, like 2 or 3 hours. Shake well few times. There’s also a hint to use for better shaking a strong plastic back well closed and of a due size. We use plastic food container.

Dill and parsley is a mandatory part of the salted cucumber famous snack
Dill and parsley

Cucumbers, it may vary on a season or a specie, 600-800g

Dill or parsley or both (dill is mandatory)

Garlic, pepper, other spices (optional)

Salt (about 1 or 2 tbsp on 600-800g of cucumber, depending how strong the current salt you use)

Tue, 20/Oct/20