Salted Cabbage in One-Day Recipe

This is a flexible way to cook a delicious snack, it’s ready after one day, yet the other taste appears in two days waiting before you eat it. Try both.


600 g cabbage, chopped

250 g carrots, grated

1/3 l of boiling water

6 tbsp white vinegar, 4% acid


9 tbsp for 8%

4 g sugar

11 g salt

fennel, optional

whole black peppercorns


Knead the cabbage well and mix with carrots.

You can add fennel and black pepper grains for taste.

Pack a clean 1 liter-size jar with vegetables.

In a small pot, mix salt and sugar. Fill with boiling water. Pour in white vinegar. Mix everything  until salt and sugar dissolve.

Cool the brine down to room temperature. Fill the jar so cabbage is covered with the brine.

Close the lid tightly. Refrigerate for 24 hours.

Serve with vegetable oil and onion slices.


Mon, 15/Feb/21