Rice and Tomatoes Fast Lazy Snack

Rice and tomatoes fast-snack, totally lazy, and a lot of olive oil, plus pepper
Rice and Tomatoes w/ Olive Oil, fast-snack

This is how to eat a lot of rice at once and enjoying it, also making your dinner the cheapest ever one, yet very tasty.


We shall need Olive oil, or any other if you find the other one more tasty (my preference is olive oil).

Fresh tomatoes

Black pepper. As due to your preferences, even if you do not it spicy then try put few grains of black pepper (still) it’ll just change the taste and there’ll be no spicyness from few grains



Cut tomatoes into cubes, and mix them with a good amount of olive oil, add spices or salt if you wish, mix it and let it rest to let the tomatoes juice mix with oil well,

Make rice. It’s very important to cook rice with the amount of rice as 1 on 1 1/2 related to amount water. For example you pour about 3/4 of glass of water into half a glass of rice (of the same glass)) Boil on slow fire, lower temperature.

When you serve you mix the tomato salad into already warm rice and it’s done. Add black pepper or red pepper flakes, anything spicy will make it even better.

Wed, 08/Jul/20