Quick Hand Veg Ragu (SPICY)

This is a very quick and also a very cheap recipe about how to turn a random set of any vegetables into a tasty ragu, making the whole dinner cost as low as 5-10 dollars for the whole family (still being a very very dellicious dish afterall).

Quick hand vegetable ragu, cheap and tasty, for the whole family

The mass is potato, carrot and onion. The rest ingredients may vary.


Potatoes, cut into medium size cubes,

Carrots, in cubes or circles,

Bell-peppers (green or red or both), they will change the whole taste drastically, try to add at least one, even if very small one, the smell is the job it is doing here!

Green beans (optional)

A handful of pre-cooked red beans.

Black pepper, or red pepper, or red pepper flakes.


The SEQUENCE is the most important thing.

Fry onion a little, steam then adding bell peppers and carrots, potato goes last

You start from putting thin layer of veg oil into the pan (see on the picture), and you fry onion till half-ready, not allowing it be of a golden color, but few moment before you switch to the next step.

Then add bell peppers and carrots and steam it altogether. Green beans (if used) are added at this stage either.

Potatoes goes last. Most probably you’ll want to add half-a-glass of water. Make your water warm in advance to prevent an explosion (hahahaha). Pour CAREFULLY, it’s relatively easy and probable to get a burn doing it.

Stir everything as soon as potatoes are in place.

Decrease now fire making it small.

Cover the pan with the lead, and wait.

Beans you add in the very last step, moments before the potato is done. Exclusively for sake of making it same temperature, because it was already pre-cooked, it’ll also exchange juices with other vegs.

Spicy peppers – red or black or both – you add at the last moment, give a minute or two for it to get hot and make the whole dish spicy. Stir it and let it rest for 10 – 15 min.


Tue, 24/Nov/20