Potato Chips, French Fries

Made of Potatoes, beloved by billions. French Fries or Potato Chips do not require any introduction, one of the most recognized and universal potato dish, now we make it at home. So simple so yummy.


Cut potatoes as it is shown on the picture, same way you see it in restos all around the world.

You will need Veg oil, a ton of veg oil. I love to use Corn oil for that, yet any other of your choice may fit.

Boil oil until it starts boiling in a pan, and throw pieces into it. Throw by tiny potions to make them float freely in a pan, and then use the Colander to let the oil go down off the potatoes. Give it time to drop off for the best result.

Repeat as many times as many hungry people you face in your family, hahaha. Don’t let yourself be lazy, have a look at the picture, this is how many French fries you fry at one time.


Sat, 04/Jul/20