Pizza Cheddar and Panceta, Olives, Muzza and Bacon

This is definitely my way of pizza. Of course the muzarela cheese and tomatoes are the must in any pizza (by far I believe) while Panceta (the hispanic/italian way for saying “bacon”) and Olives (of whatever color green or black) do form the best add-up for the best pizza recipe in the world. The one on photo contains the hell amount of cheese you can see it.

And a head-shot here: CHEDDAR!


250 ml lukewarm milk
7-10 g dry yeast (or 30 g fresh)
3 tsp. sugar
5 tbsp vegetable oil
2 eggs
500-550 g A/P flour
1tsp salt

tomato sauce
cheddar cheese
muzzarela cheese

In a large bowl, mix milk, sugar and yeast. Mix until yeast dessolves. Left in a warm place until yeast mixture starts to bubble.
Whisk eggs a little.
Add salt and vegetable oil. Mix.
Add yeast mixture and flour. Knead the dough. Cover the dough with a clean towel. Put in a warm place to rise.
Preheat the oven to 210ÂșC.
Devide the dough in 3 parts. Roll each into a circle. Brush with tomato sauce. Arrange pancetta, ham and cheese over each pizza.
Bake for 20 min or until edges are golden brown.

Mon, 26/Oct/20