Pizza Cheddar and Panceta, Olives, Muzza and Bacon

This is definitely my way of pizza. Of course the muzarela cheese and tomatoes are the must in any pizza (by far I believe) while Panceta (the hispanic/italian way for saying “bacon”) and Olives (of whatever color green or black) do form the best add-up for the best pizza recipe in the world. The one on photo contains the hell amount of cheese you can see it.

And a head-shot here: CHEDDAR!

This is The Proven Yum, tested on children, hahahaha =))


200 ml of water, warm it up slightly,
2 tsp of yeast,
2 tsp of sugar,
1 tsp of salt, or a half of it (due to your preferences),
400 g of AP flour (0000),
8 tbsp of oil (olive or corn I use),
+ cheddar, olives, panceta, follow your taste and your own feelings with these ones, as the experimenting is the thing you do when cooking all the time, yup.



Mon, 26/Oct/20