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Salted Cucumber Snack in few hours

Some countries consider salted cucumbers to be a perfect add up to a strong alcohol. For the best in the world salted cucumber we’d spend months of making, yet today we go for a cheap and easy life hack, and here is the quickest recipe of how to add salt to a cucumber. Method We […]


Fried Ricotta Mini Cheesecakes for Breakfast

Ingredientes: 400 gr ricotta pinch of salt 2 tbsp sugar 4 – 6 tbsp AP flour 2 eggs 2-3 tbsp oil or butter for frying Method: In a large bowl, mix ricotta, sugar, salt, eggs and sieve the flour. Mix well until homogeneous. Form 4 cm in diameter balls. Heat oil In a non-stick pan. […]


Lamb’s Heart

This time we have another form of heart, the very tasty and rarely served part of domestic animals, we have chicken hearts recipe here on this website, and today: Lamb Heart Recipe. You’ll need a frying pan, better if heavier, same temperature requirements as for pancakes (god forbid, hahaha) Slice the heart into thin pieces, […]


Greek salad

This is the gem of Mediterranean culture, which is mostly got influenced by Greece and other Greek cultural territories. In fact many nations have tomatoes and oil mixed with anything else, however the Real Greek Salad highlight: big pieces cut (compare to Russian version where the tomatoes are practically monced into microscopic) and the very […]


Super Pasta Overloaded

This is pasta overloaded, there are inside cubes of meat, carrots, tomatoes and eggplant form the source. It’s a heavy and tasty thing. Oil is used was corn oil (instead of olive you normally use for pasta recipes) .


Classic Pasta: plus lazy tricks

This is the classic pasta, whatever they say, the classic is most likely is that one with tomato source, any pasta shape, black pepper, and parmesan (this one we strike out temporarily for the cost purpose), garlic is not mandatory, but it’s good to have it as it changes the taste drastically. Rule № 1 […]