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How to make a coffee

Cup of coffee in the morning: there is an easy way to make it, and it always performs pretty on all sort of coffee. However there are hints depending of the region, so we share the best practices how to make coffee – the recipes from the places we know. Cyprus / Turkey Coffee Politically […]


Cheese omelet

Just another version of Omelet. Remember it’s easy to start hard to master (mimicking the video-gaming paradigm). The fast snack and a beautiful munches solution. For the first time I saw such while watching a chef in Egypt, so for this website it is of the Egyptian origin, heh. Ingredients Eggs, as many as hungry […]


Broccoli and tomatoes vegetable mix

Broccoli mixed with everything veg that you have in da house, reasonable fit: tomatoes, carrots, spices, remains of potatoes, etc. Technically speaking it is a fried salad with Broccoli as the main ingredient. Cut it all into what is called cubes, add up olive oil (or any other veg oil, like corn or something) generously […]


Fresh Fruit Salad

We are not proud of this photo, please forgive us, hahaha So we shall need remains of apples, and remains of strawberry, add bananas (all left after eating it right away from the supermarket). Sugar, and a little patience: when you cut everything into a bowl, give it time so the juice will come out […]


The Ultimate Spicy Beef Yogurt Stew

Ingredients: 750 g beef, cubed 2 onions, chopped 10 tbsp yogurt 1 cup water salt 2 tbsp of hot pepper flakes or 2 chili peppers oil for frying Method: Heat a large saucepan over medium heat. Add oil and when hot fry the beef in batches until brown. Set aside. On a medium heat, fry […]


Farmer’s Cheese Uruguay

This cheese is good as it is, no need to cook it, the cut and eat conception. Recipes are coming as soon as we track down or discover anotherrr good recipe