Omelet with zucchini, cheese and tomatoes

As many chefs as many omelets exist. So simple at a glance it makes me thinking the video gaming paradigm: EASY to start, HARD to master.


You will need eggs. As many as hungry you are, no specific measurements exists for this one,

You will need vegs and again – those you have, as many as you want. This time (on the photo) we used Zucchini and Tomatoes.

A spoon of veg oil to fry vegs, plus salt depending on your preferences


You’ll need a pan, the heavier the better for the best temperature hold. Preheat is more if you want less contrast between the edges and the inside of the Omelet, or preheat it slightly for the otherwise case

Beat the eggs (altogether yolks and whites) into one mass.

Fry the vegs both sides, using veg oil, and moments before they are fried well pour the egg-mass upon it.

HINT: Some prefer close the Omelete with a cover, in this case you’ll get it more ready baked on the top of it; I personally prefer when the top of the Omelete stays a little bit raw.

Grated cheese put on top, so it’ll melt into Omelete before it is ready. Also using bigger pieces shall work well.

Keep experimenting!

Tue, 31/Mar/20