Mimoza Recipe The Fish Salad

It’s called “Mimóza” a layered salad, Russian origin, where Mimóza is served as a universal holiday dish, one of them. You will need canned fish, tuna or sardines — these may fit the best depending on your personal choice.

Ingredients for Mimóza fish salad

A 200g can of tuna or sardines will form the first layer, on the bottom of your salad
2-3 boiled Potatoes – you will use them for a layer, cut in small cubes
2-3 boiled Carrots – do the same, carrots will form another layer, cut into cubes either
4 boiled eggs – the yolk should be dry, not totally liquid, you will separate it to form the yellow color on top if the heap (see the photo)
1-2 Onion
Mayo (plenty of)

Directions for Mimóza fish salad

Fish: choosing between Sardines and Tuna for your fish salad, it is totally an individual preference, however the original approach stands for Sardines rather than Tuna. Why? Because Sardines bear richer taste by means of “spicy”, and Sardines are juicy comparing to Tuna canned fish which is relatively arid.

Boil eggs to the condition that yolk will be solid, you will need to separate yolks as they go to the upper layer of this fish salad – that is why it’s called “Mimoza” for the colour similar to the Mimoza flower. Whites apparently go to the lower layer.

Fish is in the very bottom, and then you cover layer by layer all ingredients. There’s no strict sequence except that yolks on the top and the fish in the very bottom. Add mayo to be second from top (yolks smashed to “powder” are settled upon mayo).

Let it stay and be cured for awhile in a fridge yet it works without fridge either, all layers will stock together and penetrate a little bit one into another.

Important: While serving, cut it as cake pieces to catch all layers to be present in each potion. The perfect fit along with a strong drink. Enjoy! It’s godmn yumi.

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