Milk pasta easy recipe

This is a sweet way for making pasta, we will need only milk and pasta (care for them to be the best in their class) and a small piece of butter, salt and sugar.

Milk pasta easy recipe
Milk Pasta


In a medium source pam combine milk (1 glass), sugar (1 tsp), a pinch of salt and butter (1 tsp). Heat it on low heat until it starts boiling. With the lead on, it’s important.

As it start boiling add one and a half handful of pasta.

Stir often, until it’s done *

* (use the indicated time on the package of your pasta, they have it different; for the milk it takes a little longer to cook same pasta, so you need not subtract a minute as usual, but take the exact time shown on the package; ugh..)

Fri, 17/Jul/20