Milanesa steak, Universal meat snack

Today we make milanesa, or milanesa steak, the latin-american way of cooking thin meat steaks, I think it originates from Italy and has been developed into a perfect universal meat snack in Argentina and Uruguay. Definitely price-effective.

The name

Milanesa steak recipe, the perfect meat snack
Milanesa steak, the perfect meat snack

For Milanesa you will need beef: we use bolo de lomo as the first priority, nalga is also a good fit or cuadril, the round beef, yet it all depends on your preferences as always.

Meat must be sliced into very very thin pieces, as thin as it is only possible (pick a proper butcher for this, your best one). If you fail to slice too thin by any reason, you can hit few times upon it by anything you use for the purpose in your kitchen.

We use heavy handle if a knife or an unsharp side of a blade (if heavy enough), it hits softer and does not ruin the meat tissue too deadly, a taste may change (not into bad but will be different).


Whisk two eggs with a pinch of salt slightly in a bowl.

Put bread crumbs (pan rallado) into the other bowl or a plate.

Dip meat pieces (the steaks) into egg mixture, then burry into bread crumbs, and let it rest there for a half of a minute.

Milanesa fast meat snack (thin steaks) in making, rolling steaks in bread crumbs
Milanesa’s steaks must be thin

While frying use the pre-heated pan, same conditions as for pancakes: the heavier the pan, it holds temperature better then, and your cooking will enhances either. Fry the ready steaks both sides. The thickness of each side of bread cover might be close to the thickness of meat steak itself, that’s idyllic and all due to your own preferences.

Milanesa steak
.Milanesa steak’s cut

Add pepper or other spices, whichever you want, and enjoy.

Serving melanesas with boiled rice will make the whole dinner even better.


Wed, 06/Jan/21