The other name for Meringue is Baiser (sounds smth alike “bezeh”, means “kiss” in French, similar to “Beso” in latin languages). Well. You will need only sugar and a few eggs only, strong hands or a blender, a proper oven temperature and PATIENCE. You’ll be rewarded then!

The First Thing First

You will never succeed with this one perfectly if a tiny drop of yolk will sneak into the whites of egg. Separating yolks is the most important step for the best meringue! Egg quality in general also counts, I prefer taking it from a farmer for any recipe but for this recipe it’s critical enough.


Egg Whites at room temperature, say, 4 of them

A cup of sugar, not a big one. For the regular one, start trying from 3/4, as you regulate the sweetness by this and this is obviously a very personal preference


Separate whites, take all yolk completely. Even a drop of the yellow may ruin the whole thing

Beat whites with blender, electric or not. It may also work with a fork, just requiring more drill, hahahaha =) beat it adding sugar by small potions, not all at once, until you get a white glossy mass with a soft peaks

Preheat oven to 200 celsius

Use parching paper where to you’ll put small drops of the white mass, say, a table spoon or two per each piece

Bake until you get them crispy. Usually it takes an hour and a half, sometimes up to two. Make your experiments:

Caprice is the proper word to describe Meringue’s reaction on your wrong moves! Be patient if you fail for the first time

Keep your oven shut, do not sneak into too often, Meringue wants it as hot as in a Finnish Sauna 😉

HINT: adding a tiny bit of Vanilla or Lemon may change the flavor, don’t be shy experimenting. As always.


Tue, 02/Jun/20