Mejiones: Mussels in oil and garlic

Mussles are yummy when absolutely fresh, never frozen, when mussels are practically alive by the moment when the cooking starts. They called ’em “mejiones” in the romantic place where I have spent a while, that was an Atlantic coast of South America, and since then and for ever I have changed my mind about mussles to the opposite one. Mussles are tasty.

Mussels are called Mijiones in South America

Alike to any sea life that we eat, freshness is the critical parameter for the mussels. Better if they are not even frozen, but as fresh as if almost alive, or they were such minutes ago.


Mussels (as many as you want to eat this time)

Each piece you stuff with:

Olive oil or another veg oil (a matter of personal preference)

Garlic cut into tiny cubes. I prefer using a knife cutting garlic into tiny cubes, to keep all garlic juices inside of that garlic. Grating will be less effective for the case.

And parsley.


Preheat oven till 150 celcius.

Place mussels like they are on the picture, so their positioning will help to keep the stuffing inside and not going upon a pan.

Then place parsley and garlic inside of each mussel carefully, and pour few drops of olive oil inside on top af everything mentioned, covering that mixture of parsley and tiny cubes of garlic.

Cook till readiness, till the smell of garlic will be one with mussels’ own taste. Whatever the “readiness” may sound to you, but just the sea food readiness strongly depends on personal preferences.

Optionally we add a thin layer of water at the bottom of pan where the mussels are placed, or water and a couple of table spoons of wine, it will add steam when heating for a better yum.


Tue, 14/Jul/20