Meat Dumplings Easy Recipe

Thousand names the famous ancient dish own, loved by millions, some say it originates from Siberia, some say from China. It can be spotted in all sizes – from the Turkish tiny manti, as tiny as a nail-size, and all way to the huge king-size ones in Kazakhstan or China, as big as a fist. For the purpose of this recipe we call it “Dumplings”.


All Purpose Flour (marked usually as “0000”)
Fresh Water
Pork 1/2
Beef 1/2
+2 large eggs

You put inside of Dumpling the minced meat, this is gonna be a mix of Pork and Beef, as half and half, and then you add for taste Onion and Pepper, normally black pepper is used.

Eggs, flour and water will form the dough, add salt. You make small circles, you can use a cup up side down as a circle-cutting tool. Put meat and close it by fingers into dumpling. Several mechanics exists for this.

The ready dumplings, as soon as assembled in a form of small sacks with the meat mix inside, we recommend to put into the fridge for a time they get tougher, before you cook it.


Boil water and throw dumplings into boiling water. Don’t be that far slow that the first dumpling will be already half-ready when you load the last one. For the adult portion you need, say, about 30 such things (if a regular cup was used as a shape to cut the dough covers). When I was a kid I loved it and took about 20-25.