Lamb’s Heart

This time we have another form of heart, the very tasty and rarely served part of domestic animals, we have chicken hearts recipe here on this website, and today:

Lamb Heart. This is where we start

Lamb Heart Recipe.

You’ll need a frying pan, better if heavier, same temperature requirements as for pancakes (god forbid, hahaha)

Slice the heart into thin pieces, as if you make a very fresh beef liver or melanesa, whatever, make it thin.

Lamb hearts
Lamb’s heart proper cut

Fry with vegetables as you fry it, middle fire, make it relatively fast, if too long it may lose in softness. Add pepper, or whatever spice, as your preferences.

Heart loses in size a lot. This is the lamb heart, fried in slices with chili green pepper (fresh) and black pepper (as a regular spice).

Tomatoes, zucchini, carrots is a good add up in the middle of heart readiness. On the picture we’ve used only green chili pepper, however you can put more vegs into it.

Sat, 10/Oct/20