Korean Food Meat BBQ

Koreans say they live in one place for 10 thousand years, and that’s why they have strong traditions and a lot of unique habits too. We can speak endlessly about how fantastic and unbelievable South Korea is, but just for the cooking purpose we limit the expression, and speak about Korean food. The famous barbecue… This is not a food, it’s more about love and hate, anyone who ever once visited Korea can tell’ya, there are only two ways – whether you mad for life about the Korean food, or you think it’s the most disgusting in the world. My personal choice is that I love Korean food, and they really do PORK the best in the world.


Korean meat first of all. And it better be either “from Korea” or “made by Korean butcher”, it shall not work full potential in the otherwise.

They call it SAM-YOP-SAL, means something about “three porks”.

For Beef version they call it CAL-BI or CAL-BI-SAL

And this text is a so-called ‘dummy content’ post. Just do not take it too serious or too personal the random words which are above, they all are, including the images, exclusively for the testing and education purposed only.