Greek salad

This is the gem of Mediterranean culture, which is mostly got influenced by Greece and other Greek cultural territories. In fact many nations have tomatoes and oil mixed with anything else, however the Real Greek Salad highlight: big pieces cut (compare to Russian version where the tomatoes are practically monced into microscopic) and the very main Ingredient is Feta, the famous Greek Cheese.

This is the ultimate yumm, you’d better believe it, and also goddm helpful when one is “dying” from a hot sun and thirst! Therefore this is the very Summer Salad too.

Ingredients & Directions

Feta (greek cheese) we put on top when served and mix it in a bowl right before we eat it. Do not do so in advace as the vegitables will send a ton of juice and may spoil the Feta presence.

Tomatoes, in big pieces to preserve the juice to stay inside, cut each into four parts, maybe six depending on the size

Onion. Yes, this I love, however if you hate it you skip it and the whole thing still should work well enough.


Oil, it MUST be olive oil, better if virgin, yet you can use any, and the main approach: there should be a pretty lot of it. Replacing with any vegetable oil, just take one with a taste, I mean some oils taste nothing. A long story short: any tasty village oil with a strong delicious taste, depending on your preferences.

Lettuce. They (the Greek) serve it in full leaves, and tear apart right in a plate before the eating.

Olives! Yeeeeh! Green or Black or both, be guided by whatever you love better.

The directions are simple as hell: Cut everything and mix everything, let it be for 15 minutes and serve right away.

Fri, 02/Oct/20