Pejerrey Fish (Mackerel) Fried in Flour

Pejerrey aka Mackerel fried in oil and flour easy, lazy recipe

PEJERREY — is a variety of silver-side fish, called so in Hispanic cultures and translated into somewhat King of Fish, better known in English-speaking world as Mackerel. The one on the picture is Atlantic, and we shall fry it in flour: a fast, easy, lazy recipe, why? Because the fish is tasty even raw (don’t you try such unless surely sure, hahahaha, yet yunno in Asia they do so all the time, tasty!!).

Pejerrey (Mackerel) in oil and flour

I’ve been lucky and got pejerrey from a fisherman’s shop already boneless. Thanks God! And then I will need veg oil (soya oil, Paraguay origin, is used this time) and a handful or two of AP flour.

Put AP flour (“0000” mark in some countries) upon a dish.

Add a tiny pinch of salt if you wish and a black pepper.

Preheat a heavy bottom skillet on a medium-low heat. Add enough oil to fill the skillet 1/2 cm deep. Heat it well.

Cover pejerrey (fish) with flour, put into flour dish and roll round, then throw into the pan. Not from a distance of course =)) the oil is hot.

It’ll go very fast, and be careful with splashes of hot oil.

Do not put ALL fish at the same time, give it space.

Once you see a golden color from beneath, 2 min approx., turn pieces the other side.

Literally 15 minutes!


Sat, 03/Apr/21