Empanadas – Argentinian Meat Pies

Ingredients: the main one is meat, of course, for we going to have meat “empanadas”. Minced meat will serve the best as in the original recipe, and these pies are another brilliant use for a minced meat. Yet you can spend one extra effort and cut a peace of steak into tiny chunks like if it almost minced, do it with scissors, and choose your favourite meat for that.

The main recipe comes from Argentina, and the country is famous among tourists for its empanadas, which is literally translates into “pies” from Spanish. However empanadas are well spread all over South America, you can find them all over Brazil and Uruguay, and Chile, Colombia and all other near abouts. Empanadas are everywhere served, as street snack, or a quick beer snack in bars, and all way down to in the higher class restaurants where a chef makes his own way of empanadas. Del-L-L-icious.

Empanadas Argentinas - Argentinian Meat Pies Recipe
Empanadas Argentinas (Argentinian Meat Pies) in making

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