Eggplant Black Pepper Ragu! the Vegetable Everyday Dish

Eggplant, when it is good it is good. We’ll need only now to cook it good, and for the purpose we choose best potatoes, a couple of best eggplants, black pepper (yet you can skip it if you wish, while I think this is the best fit)…

Well, what we see is what we get, here on the picture:

Eggplant and Potato Vegetable Dish aka Blackpepper Eggplant ragu, is so tasty here the most eggplantish spicy cooking recipe





Black pepper

We also used “adobo” this time: a south-american blend of local spices. Pretty replaceable by those spices you like the most, or any other local blend. One for meat may fir good, consider adding.

Preheat oven as usual… (the directions are coming)

Mon, 26/Apr/21