Eggplant and rice recipe

Eggplant and rice - fast snack recipe
Eggplant and rice, fast snack

Slice eggplants and fry them on the preheat pan, both sides, each slice. Preheating will give a crusty upper layer.

Slow down the fire and add other vegetables. Fry till readiness, closing a lead may work as a good idea too.

For the veg mix we’ve used this time:




Chili pepper.

However, the set of vegetables may vary. Use tomatoes,


As usual, the golden rule for rice: use 1.5 times more water (in volume) than the volume of rice. This rule makes rice most tasty and the fractions are already perfect.

2/3 of a glass of rice shall mean 1 full glass of water. Pour water into rice and put it on slow fire till readiness.

Add eggplant mix into rice, stir a little, add spices, and


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