Easy Pizza Cheapest Recipe

Cheapest and most delicious. We’ll need addons, they are olives, panceta (which is a form of bacon, its another name) and muzarela cheeze, never sure how to spell muzarella properly; and tomatoes in a form of canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes – any of it get cooked following the same technology. If you run for the “cheap solution” choose whatever is cheaper, but just for the love of god do not sacrifice the taste as tomatoes affect pizza greatly. For canned tomatoes I prefer them be made by Argentina or Italia, these are the best in the world.

This is how our pizza look before been baked

Easy Pizza cheapest recipe


Panceta (Bacon) can be replaced with jamon, which is ham, or with anything else you love more than bacon.
Tomatoes. One regular can with cubed tomatoes (and you’d better have them in pieces (cubes) rather than smashed totally) is replaced by 5-6 fresh tomatoes.

200 ml of water, warm it up slightly,
2 tsp of yeast,
2 tsp of sugar,
1 tsp of salt, or a half of it (whatever you prefer),
400 g of AP flour (0000),
8 tbsp of oil (olive or corn are the best),

Wed, 29/Apr/20