Classic Pasta: plus lazy tricks

This is the classic pasta, whatever they say, the classic is most likely is that one with tomato source, any pasta shape, black pepper, and parmesan (this one we strike out temporarily for the cost purpose), garlic is not mandatory, but it’s good to have it as it changes the taste drastically.

Classic Pasta minimal set of ingredients: tomatoes, olive oil, any shape of pasta. Garlic and black pepper may add up a lot, yet nor mandatorily in the classic pasta recipe
Classic Pasta, the minimal ingredients are: tomatoes, any pasta shape, and olive oil (garlic and black pepper, if any or both is available)

Rule № 1

Never ever, under no circumstances, do not scarify the olive oil. Just never do. This is the main taste in pasta, assuming that pasta itself is somewhere in the range from satisfactory to brilliant. Unless you break this rule you will get a good pasta always, making it better and better with an every next time.

Classic Pasta Tomato Source in Making
Classic Pasta Tomato Source in Making

Tomato Source for classic pasta

For the source you can use fresh tomatoes or canned ones.

If tomatoes are fresh then peal ’em. For the better go, splash a boiling water upon the peal and it will give up much easier.

After that cut them into small “cubes” and put into a pan. Let it heat on the very slow fire, smallest heating to let it just be boiling a little.

If too dry add water until it gets less dry. Then boil again, stir, and check and boil. Till readiness (the condition of readiness is shown on photo fyi).

It’ll take an hour or something for making the source.

There two ways to cook pasta, the noodles themselves:

1) First is the very lazy one, or faster one if you’re short of time, then you cook pasta right in the source. This may save time, yet it is not the best ever result: maybe try with good olive oil, perfect tomatoes and brilliant pasta, this and that way to see the difference.

2) The classic way, however, is to cook pasta separately, and then add it into source, mix it up, let it cure few minutes, maybe 10, serve and eat.


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