Cheese Ommelette Healthy Ideas

Omelette is an easy french dish. A plate of it can cheer you up in the morning or give your energy in the middle of the day. In France there is a tradition of making omelette on a special pan. This pan can’t be use for something else and should be cleaned with a peace of bread after cooking. To tell the truth this recipe helped me many times when I needed to make something fast and tasty. You can easily make a portion of it. You and your relatives will be happy to taste it.


2 eggs
100 ml of milk
50 g of cheese

How to cook

First of all you need to crack eggs into the mixing bowl. And then beat them properly with the fork. Then it’s time for milk. There should be the same amount of milk as eggs. Beat everything again. Grate cheese and add it to other ingredients. Mix one more time.

Now take a pan. Put a small amount of oil and pour up our mix. Add salt, paper for your taste. You can also try some other spices but not much. Close the pan, make the middle fire and wait about 15 minutes.