Caribbean Milk Toffies

Condenced milk, butter and sugar is all you need for the sweetest sweets

It is not just a usual candy, it is the emotion. Widely met in the Caribbean, in supermarkets, and price-wise available for kids (means: the cheapest ever way to get a beautiful candy on the way home).


Condensed Milk, canned. Do not mismatch it with “dulce de leche” which is brown in color and significantly less liquid, but we want a condensed milk which is white (beige to be precise) and viscous still being liquid enough.

200 gr of sugar
Important: The condensed milk you use a full can, standard size, and adding water — half of the volume (we use same can when it’s empty to measure one half of water)
2 table spoons of butter
Roasted cashews or peanuts or none (totally optional).


In a heavy bottom pan, combine sugar, condensed milk and water. Cook on a medium heat stirring until the mixture boils, at about 10 min. Now add butter and cashews (you can also add raisins, cardamom). Continue to cook stirring until thick and starts to pull away from the pan boards. It becomes dark.

Butter the baking pan and pour the hot mixture into the pan. Allow to cool and eat it.

If the result is too hard, just take the mixture away from the heat 5 min earlier when cook next time cause as we all know a lot depends on your stove top heat, pan etc.

Thu, 29/Jul/21