Caipiroska easy recipe works for Caipirinha too

If Life gives you a lemon – make a lemonade, then find someone whose Life has given him a vodka, and throw a party. – an American saying.

Caipiroska Easiest Recipe

This one come from Brazil, the best place on Earth for a party, they are a beautiful nation and they are a crazy nation too. You are in Brazil, doesn’t matter if it is Rio or SP, or maybe some middle of the Amazonia’s rainforest – you certainly get drunk and stay so until you depart home, by the only reason you are somewhere in Brazil and you cannot resist its ‘cultural preasure’, – the law of Nature, basically.

Caipirinha / Caipiroska – the most famous Brazilian drink

Ingredients for Caipiroska

You will need:

Vodka – any vodka, your favourite, pure, no flavour;

Lime – yes, the lime; lemon may work somehow if no lime at all, but nothing can compare to caipiroska made of lime;

A ton of sugar – caipiroska is sweet as hell;

Wooden stick, of any shape but close to be a stick, a big wooden spoon maybe or a handle of kitchen wooden hammer; this you will need to crush the cocteil, and you MUST do with the wooden stick;

Ice in cubes,

And drinking glasses, like ones for whiskey fit the best! as many as many persons you have;

No fancy blender for Christ’s sake, don’t even think about, neither a shaker, none of a kind is EVER needed, the original one is made with a glass and hands stricktly, and a wooden stick.

If you violate altogether Hand-made principle and Wooden-stick principle along with Lime-principle, forget about Caipiroska, you shall get a mix of ingredients but it’s not gonna be the one.

You are allowed to break only one rule of these mentioned ;=)

As for vodka – you can also replace it with cachasa, the Brazilian ‘vodka’ distilled from sugar cane. It’s much softer and tasty with a little bit exotic smell, some people don’t like it, but I personally do LOVE IT.

The very original recipe stands for Caipirinha, which is the same cocteil but cachasa replacing vodka. Many metropolitan Brazilians prefer caipiroska, and you only move to a country side – forget about vodka, it’s gonna be from cachasa, the genius Brazilian national drink, cheap as shit, pure as tears and delicious.

How to make Caipiroska – directions

Cut lime into cubes, not slices. You can often meet recipes where they suggest slices, and you can even find a bunch of places in Brazil where they do in slices – that’s wrong – they must be cubes;

Crush ice into medium-size pieces, somewhat about size of your finger tip. Fill in the glasses, those you will drink from: about from to ½ of its volume with crushed ice (find your best proportions).

Add lime to fill the rest of a glass.

Put sugar into this what you have in a glass. The pieces of ice and lime rest freely, no pressure you perform to them, so the sugar shall go through. You will need a lot of sugar, and the best is cane sugar for the purpose, it changes a lot of taste, if you have this choice – choose cane sugar;

Now take your wooden stick. Cover the top of the glass with your palm and sneak the wooden stick inside and crush altogether, do not mix, mov the stick down from top repeatedly — lime shall give a lot of juice, that juice shall mix with sugar into syrup, and the ice shall keep all chill; don’t be fanatic with this step – few moves, then stop as soon as you see the mix of juice and sugar filling your glass as high as 1-2 inches (depending how lucky you where with limes and how good you are in crushing).

Poor Vodka into this glass, up to the very edge of the glass, totally full (you will lose some amount when shaking, so don’t be shy – make the glass full.

Take this glass with two hands, one covering the top tightly, as tight as only possible (just don’t break the glass if you’re strong enough). And shake madly, not too long but madly.

That’s it. Take a straw and enjoy the drink,

How does it work on you

For the first time, be warned – the drink seems pretty light, but indeed you consume half a glass of vodka with sugar (read, pure energy). May some demons awake in your head if you push with this drink too hard, and you will not fall asleep due to the overwhelming energy, you will be partying 100%