Caipirinha’s most proper recipe

If life gives you a lemon — make a lemonade, then find someone whose life has given him a vodka, and throw a party. — an American saying.

Caipirinha Recipe

This one come from Brazil, the best place on Earth and a beautiful nation always parting. Anywhere in Brazil, a metropolis or a middle of nowhere in a rainforest — you get drunk and you stay drunk until you depart home, because no one can resist the ‘cultural influence’, — the law of nature.


For caipirinha you will need:

Caipirinha – any caipirinha, your favorite;

Lime – the lime should be acid and bitter, the brazilian way of growing lime;

lemon may somehow replace lime if no lime at all, but nothing can compare to Caipirinha made of lime; if no other choice and there’s only a lemon, try to pick up a bitter lemon then.

A ton of sugar – caipirinha is as sweet as Brazilian dream;

Wooden stick, of any shape but close to be a stick, a big wooden spoon maybe or a handle of big wooden spoon; this you will need to crush the lime for the cocktail, and the taste will be even more rich if done by a wooden tool;

Ice in cubes,

Drinking glasses, like ones for whiskey fit the best, and you make the cocktail right in these glasses;

No fancy blender for Christ’s sake, neither a shaker, nothing of a kind if you want for the original caipirinha made with hands, a glass, and a wooden stick.

(1) hand crafted, (2) wooden stick, (3) proper lime – do not ignore all these three main principles at once. Better if none of them.


Cut lime into cubes, not slices. We often meet recipes where they suggest slices, and many places even in Brazil do slices. We say yes to cubes ))

When the lime cubes are inside your glass, covering about 1/4 of volume, roughly, then add sugar (better if cane sugar), 2-3 tsp per glass, regulate it on your own, yet this cocktail is sweet indeed.

And energetic too, it’s sugar + lime.

With the wooden stick crush the lime gently, to send out juices and mix with sugar, and then

Crush ice into medium sized pieces. Fill in the glasses, where the lime and sugar are already, with ice till top.

With the wooden stick (covering the top of the already full glass with a palm) crush ice and altogether into better mix, few moves, don’t be fanatic with this step.

Pour cachasa into the glass, up to top, totally full (you will lose some amount when shaking, so make the glass full).

Take this glass with two hands, one palm covering the top tightly, as tight as only possible (just don’t break the glass).

Shake strongly, you’ll need strong moves for about 10-20 seconds.

That’s it. Repeat it for each glass, each person, caipirinha must be prepared individually, no kind of a bigger bowl but use individual glasses each time.

Take a straw and enjoy the drink,

NB! the drink seems very light as precepted but indeed its half a glass of a 40-degree strong drink with few spoons of sugar in a fresh lime juice: that amount of pure energy may awake a couple of demons in a head, hahaha)))*kidding

Fri, 02/Aug/19