Broccoli and tomatoes vegetable mix

Broccoli mixed with everything veg that you have in da house, reasonable fit: tomatoes, carrots, spices, remains of potatoes, etc.

Broccoli and tomatoes vegetable mix recipe easy to cook
Broccoli and tomatoes vegetable mix

Technically speaking it is a fried salad with Broccoli as the main ingredient. Cut it all into what is called cubes, add up olive oil (or any other veg oil, like corn or something) generously enough,

Preheat oven a usual 200C.

Before using the oven, take a short frying on the stove top, to get the brownish color for the vegetables, on their edges, and especially for the broccoli pieces.

After doing so, put all stuff into that preheated oven.

Cook until it’s ready (taste it by broccoli)


Sun, 19/Jan/20