Belarussian Potato Drannicks for Kids

Drannick is a very famous dish in Belarus (that’s the country name in the Eastern Europe). Made of potatoes in a form of small pancakes, loved by children, that’s may count as a Grandma’s recipe then. Behold! the Drannicks.


Potatoes – apprx. 400 g (roughly translates into 1 huge potato or couple of middle-sized ones)

Eggs – one or two. You can hardly spoil it with the overdose of eggs, and as always keep experimenting to find your own perfect way

AP Flour (sometimes marked as 0000) – 3 tsp

Veg Oil or Cooking fat


Mince or grate potatoes and add eggs, mix it all.

Preheat the pan with an oil in it, not that much as for French fries but plenty of it. Some chefs use cooking fat, if it is a good cooking fat from a farmer market or something.

Fry until the golden color (alike French Fries)

Some chefs add Onion minced into the original mixture.

Salt is the personal preference.


Mon, 15/Mar/21