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Red Beans with Vegetables

This is a cheap and effective recipe. Just taking care of the beans quality, I tried Brazilian ones for that, and the dish got beautiful, and even more tasty when more spicy: Like garlick or red chilli 😋👍 Ingredients: 1/2 cup red beans, soaked overnight 4 medium potatoes, cut into chunks 200 g bacon, cut […]


Russian Salad Original named Olivier

All faces of the potato salad. They call it Russian salad in Europe and Americas, however the Russian version is not alike that popular one, even more it bears the name of the French cook – Olivier! the guy who invented it 100+ years ago. Behold the Russian version of Russian salad recipe! Ingredients 4 […]


Cod Fish Baked With Cabbage

Ingredients 2 medium Cod fillets 1 medium onion, sliced 1/4 cabbage, cut into wide edges 1 tsp wine vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil salt black pepper your favorite spices water Method In a large bowl, mix olive oil and wine vinegar. Add 1/2 tsp salt, a pinch of black pepper and other spices you prefer. […]


Stuffed Eggplants

Ingredients: 2-3 small eggplants 1 onion, cubed 1 carrot, cubed 1 bell pepper, cubed 2 gloves garlic, minced 200 g parmesan, grated salt black pepper olive oil parsley o dill Method: Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Cut eggplants in half lengthwise and scoop out the center leaving a small amount. Remain the pulp.Salt and brush […]


Pejerrey, King Fish! aka Mackerel Fried in flour

PEJERREY — is a variety of silver-side fish, called so in Hispanic cultures and translated into somewhat King of Fish, better known in English-speaking world as Mackerel. The one on the picture is Atlantic, and we shall fry it in flour: a fast, easy, lazy recipe, why? Because the fish is tasty even raw (don’t […]


Very Sweet Buns

Why they are only two on the photo? Because they disappear before you can grab the camera, the family rush on them every time. Highly recommendable, very easy in making, like the tinyest investment into Love, hahahahaha =) Ingredients: Dough: 1tsp dry yeast 1tbsp sugar 400-450 g a/p flour 250 ml milk, lukewarm pinch of […]