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Red Lentils Turkish Soup Easy Recipe

If I hear of Turkey and Istanbul — I start thinking about food as the first thing, seriously. The city is full of history, beauty and FOOD. A whole lot of best in the world food by the price below $10 per day. Rent an apartment and cook by your own, just hold yourself of […]


Belarussian Potato Drannicks for Kids

Drannick is a very famous dish in Belarus (that’s the country name in the Eastern Europe). Made of potatoes in a form of small pancakes, loved by children, that’s may count as a Grandma’s recipe then. Behold! the Drannicks. Ingredients Potatoes – apprx. 400 g (roughly translates into 1 huge potato or couple of middle-sized […]


Mimoza Recipe The Fish Salad

It’s called “Mimóza” a layered salad, Russian origin, where Mimóza is served as a universal holiday dish, one of them. You will need canned fish, tuna or sardines — these may fit the best depending on your personal choice. Ingredients for Mimóza fish salad A 200g can of tuna or sardines will form the first […]


Caribbean Milk Candies – toffies recipe

It is not just a usual candy, it is the emotion. Widely met in the Caribbean, in supermarkets, and price-wise available for kids (means: the cheapest ever way to get a beautiful candy on the way home). Ingredients Condensed Milk, canned. Do not mismatch it with “dulce de leche” which is brown in color and […]


Mini Pizza Turkish Style

Mini Pizza is a very small pizza, something between a pie and a pizza, and a headshot is the Turkish way of making Dough, the most important direction in this recipe. Mini pizza definitely hits the criteria “Baby Wants It”. Ingredients: Warm milk, 400 ml Warm water, 200 ml Yeast, 1 tbsp Sugar, 5 tbsp […]


Cabbage Pie, cheap and heavenly tasty

This one is very delicious. You need only flour, a little bit of butter yet totally re-placable with veg oil, and a cabbage. From cabbage all the rest follows, start making this pie as soon as you pick a good cabbage. The dough type is layered, very beautiful in itself, and when taking juices from […]